Thursday, September 19, 2013

So as you may have all noticed I absolutely suck at not only keeping my new year resolutions but simply blogging as well. So instead I will just blog when I blog and it will just be really long and with a ton of updates. : )

The last 8 months :

Everything is basically explained in the photos below but a brief summary is;
I finally moved out of my parents house and into my very own apartment, it has been a great experience living alone and I am so glade I did it. I also recently painted my living room wall Red and it really brightens everything up.

Nick and Steve came into town to be sealed in the temple to their two beautiful boys. Andrew and I took Eli to the zoo, we also made Eli say funny things when he is hurt. : )

My best friend got married and I was a bridesmaid, I burned a hole in the back of my dress with the iron 20 min before the wedding. (we safety pinned the back, it was SOO redneck but it worked)  

My cousin got her mission call to Bulgaria (she left on 09/11/13)
Andrew, Zeus and I went to Colorado for a week and spent time with his family and grandparents. So fun and man that sure is a nice car (or as grandma says "grandpa's garage furniture" )
Andrew broke his collar bone and we sat in the ER from 1am- 5am. He ended up having a metal plat put into his shoulder.

I ran my first 5K with my best friend Karlie, we ran for Breast Cancer awareness and I ran in the support of Andres Aunt Carol. It was great.

I coached city softball for 7th - 9th grade girls again for the summer and it was so fun. We won the city championship it was great.

Andrews two Nephews Sam and Ben came into town for about a month and we got to spend some good quality time with them.

Andrew officially moved in with me, he even got his own room for all his stuff.

We also got Andrew a puppy, she is a German short hair pointer. He named her Sage and Zeus loves her, even though she makes a huge mess and pees on everything.

In conclusion I just got back from Florida last week, I went down for a work confrence and we spent the last day in Orlando and Universal Studios, I had already been before but it was still so fun! And because it was during the off season we had almost no lines and rode every ride at least twice. So remember September is the month to go to Disney World. ...

Friday, January 4, 2013

New Years Resolution Attempt

I am noticing that I am horrible at blogging, so one of my New Years Resolutions is to try and blog at least once a week. So we will see how I do, however let me backtrack a little.


This was a fun month, Andrew and I celebrated our 4year anniversary (I know and still no ring lol ) and Andrew caught another huge fish. Its like Andrew just has a sixth sense about where every big fish is. I sat on the bank while Andrew cast to this fish for 3 hours. The fish was spawning so he didn't want to eat anything, however, we all know how Andrew is (stubborn) so of course after an extremely long 3 hours he finally caught him.

I was a little afraid knowing that something this big is swimming around, it would cause some serious stitches. 


Andrews sister Nick and her family also visited in November for Thanksgiving. We went out to the annual Sundance dinner which is always amazing. We also got the privilege to take little Eli (Andrews nephew) out to a sporting store. He found himself an awesome hat that he let me take a picture of him in. He also called out all the animals that he saw on the wall (they have animal heads on the walls) I pointed to a buffalo and his response was an Indian Deer. I don't know where he had heard that but it was hilarious.

While in Utah Eli also grew very found of Marti's cat Bruce, he is very relaxed cat and you can do whatever you want to him. Eli found that if he picked the cat up he could dance with him and the cat didn't care. So of course Eli played with the cat and carried it everywhere for the week he was here. During that week his mother (nick) continued to ask him if he should take Bruce home to play with because his cats at home were not as nice and as fun as Bruce. Nick was of course only joking but when the week came to an end it didn't go very well. When we had said our goodbyes Eli walked over picked up Bruce and began to walk out the door with him. When Nick said that they couldn't really take the kittty home poor Eli just lost it. He cried and screamed for that kitty the entire 13 hours back to New Mexico.


 That kitty doesn't care about anything. Poor Eli really wanted to take him home.

Thanksgiving Dinner ( It took Andrew three pictures before he smiled).

Andrew and I also decided at the very last minute that we were going black Friday shopping for things to go in my new house that I still don't have. We went to Target at 8pm on Thursday and stood in the most ridiculous line it was crazy, the funny thing about it all is that it was Andrews idea to go shopping which is weird because he hates shopping. However this I learned was Andrews first Black Friday experience, he was laughing at me when I got a map and made a game plan, he didn't take me seriously until we got into the store. Andrew actually hit a few people with the cart it was great. He was so excited because we made it in and out of the store with the three things we needed in 15min. He was so excited that he wanted to go and tackle another store. It was fantastic!


This was a slow month because Andrew and I both just worked, we did however buy our own little tree and decorations. I don't have a house yet to put it in however, Marti let us put the tree in her dinning room. We had a great Christmas Andrew got me diamond earrings and I got him a very awesome flying stunt helicopter. Even though Andrew worked on Christmas Day it was still very much enjoyed. Andrew and I also have a very good mutual friend Mackay that came home from his mission, it has been fun hanging out with him because he served a foreign missions so his English is still really bad. Overall everything has been great! Hope to post again next week!  :)

Monday, November 5, 2012

The last 5 months.

I have been so very horrible at posting, but here is my attempt to sum up the last 5 months or so..

June: My good fried Chelsea got married to her best friend Tim (who Andrew actually played little league baseball with) and I threw her a little bridal shower, and Andrew and I attended the temple and the reception.

The Biggest thing that happened in June that Andrew would kill me if I didn't mention is that Andrew finally caught the fish he has been stalking for a least the last year. In an area I can not mention Andrew caught a beautiful huge fish. It was perfect timing because days after he caught this beautiful fish his guiding season took off and everyone wanted to fish with the man who caught the great fish! Andrew was happy to brag about his beautiful fish all season. 

Chelsea and Tim with all Tim's nieces and nephews.

 July: Typical not a lot happened, we did the firework thing and had fun. There was really only one big event and that was with Andrew. We were helping his dad move some firewood, that had been sitting for a really long time. Latter that day Andrew was complaining about the back of his leg, he had a red mark that looked like a small bug bite so we thought nothing of it. Two days later I was drawing circles around the infection that continued to grow. I finally convinced  him to go to the doctor.  Come to find out Andrew had been bitten by a Brown Recluse spider. They had to do a minor surgery and cut the infection out of his leg. It was awesome!

August: Again another month that was very relaxing, I worked along with starting fall semester at school and Andrew continued to Guide.  We did however make a random drive at 11pm and ended up seeing a moose, I was like an excited tourist leaning out of the Jeep trying to get a good picture. We also made several random Saturday drives up American Fork canyon.

 September: I think is was really in early August, but sometime within the last little bit Andrew and I rescued a little kitty from my house. My little sister thought it was a good idea to get a kitty for her horse barn because it would eat all the mice. Good thought in theory, however, it wont eat the mice at 8 weeks. My sister lost interest and Andrew and I rescued the kitty and convinced  Andrews Mom to keep it. His name is Bruce and he has been a great little addition, the dogs and chickens all love him.

October:  This month was full of excitement, I turned 21 at the beginning of the month and Andrew and I both got tattoos (not matching ones).  I applied for a mortgage loan, got approved, and I am officially house hunting, and had a good Halloween. I also had a 3day work convention with over 500 people and I had to be on stage several times, but I had over 130 hours on my paycheck, it was stressful but well worth the overtime. Oh and it also snowed in the middle of the month and it sucked!

Tattoos: Where I got the idea and the Before photo:

 The during:

 The after:

We had to keep Diaper Rash on our tattoos for the first 3 weeks. 

Snow And Pumpkins:

 It's been a long 5 months.