Thursday, September 19, 2013

So as you may have all noticed I absolutely suck at not only keeping my new year resolutions but simply blogging as well. So instead I will just blog when I blog and it will just be really long and with a ton of updates. : )

The last 8 months :

Everything is basically explained in the photos below but a brief summary is;
I finally moved out of my parents house and into my very own apartment, it has been a great experience living alone and I am so glade I did it. I also recently painted my living room wall Red and it really brightens everything up.

Nick and Steve came into town to be sealed in the temple to their two beautiful boys. Andrew and I took Eli to the zoo, we also made Eli say funny things when he is hurt. : )

My best friend got married and I was a bridesmaid, I burned a hole in the back of my dress with the iron 20 min before the wedding. (we safety pinned the back, it was SOO redneck but it worked)  

My cousin got her mission call to Bulgaria (she left on 09/11/13)
Andrew, Zeus and I went to Colorado for a week and spent time with his family and grandparents. So fun and man that sure is a nice car (or as grandma says "grandpa's garage furniture" )
Andrew broke his collar bone and we sat in the ER from 1am- 5am. He ended up having a metal plat put into his shoulder.

I ran my first 5K with my best friend Karlie, we ran for Breast Cancer awareness and I ran in the support of Andres Aunt Carol. It was great.

I coached city softball for 7th - 9th grade girls again for the summer and it was so fun. We won the city championship it was great.

Andrews two Nephews Sam and Ben came into town for about a month and we got to spend some good quality time with them.

Andrew officially moved in with me, he even got his own room for all his stuff.

We also got Andrew a puppy, she is a German short hair pointer. He named her Sage and Zeus loves her, even though she makes a huge mess and pees on everything.

In conclusion I just got back from Florida last week, I went down for a work confrence and we spent the last day in Orlando and Universal Studios, I had already been before but it was still so fun! And because it was during the off season we had almost no lines and rode every ride at least twice. So remember September is the month to go to Disney World. ...

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  1. Love the update...otherwise I never know what my brother is up to!